14-21 MAY 2019


Doñana, Spain


ANTONYMOUS is an artist from Athens, Greece. He has performed in biggest festivals like MoDem and Freqs of Nature, and has been constantly exploring the darkest psychedelic sound for almost 20 years, with the aim of taking the listener into a journey where body and mind become one ... so he is perfect for our Transition. Please welcome one of the headliners for our edition in 2019.



Marcia is the amazing woman behind BACK TO MARS, coming from Brazil. If you still didnt enjoy one of her sound-trips, this is your opportunity. Marcia came last year for the first time to Transition, and we all fell in love with her music. She is present in all major psychedelic festivals in Europe, and in 2019 we will see her in both floors. Welcome back dear!!!


Thanasis Confortini is our second headliner coming from Greece. Born in Athens, he started studying music with only 6 years old, playing classic violin at the National Conservatory. Psychedelic Trance changed his life and in a few years he was djing for dancefloors in Goa and Europe. Part of one of the biggests labels of psychedelic trance, Parvati, he has released tons of tracks creating a deep atmosphere always focused on dancing.
Welcome CONFO (Parvati Records) !!!


When we talk about night music, we must talk about PARVATI. We are pushing the limits once more making the finest selection of psychedelic trance, and his name is a must in our final decision; please welcome one of the fathers of the night: GIUSEPPE, head and label manager of PARVATI RECORDS!


HALLULAYA, from France, is the solo project for Gregory B, who discovered Dark Progressive Trance at the age of 16, and the endless possibilities of it. He is working on his second album which will be released in 2019. He is one of the most special perfomances of this edition, creating sound trips and atmospheres accompanied by a change of frequency from another galaxy. Welcome to the forest!!!


IBOJIMA is a Swedish Psy Trance project originally founded in 2001 by Mathias Andersson. With two full length albums in Yellow Sunshine Explosion and Hyperflow records, he has decided to join forces with Andy Bergstrom, going back to the studio and resurrecting the project by producing the third studio album, be ready for 2019.


We can openly announce that we will have a very special guest from Zenon Records, one of the highlights of minimalistic progressive trance: KROMAGON. Coming from USA, he will stop at Transition forest to give his message to the crowd. Welcome home !!! 


 LEOPARDTRON is one of the most unique live perfomances of Transition Festival. Daniel and Manuel are the two artists behind this project based in Madrid, which has created an original style of psytrance, described as dark psytrance with twilight textures and hits of old school goa trance. They have a bunch of material collected throughout the last 10 years so be ready for another sound -trip beyong the realms of conciousness.


Tonight is whiches´night, so we present one of our favourite Djs for 2019 edition: SATI. She is truly in a class of her own, having played in the techno and psychedelic scenes for over a decade. Her dark, driving and full on sets leave the crowd waiting on the dancefloor for more!!! She is the dawn of the party itself. Do not miss her !!!


Mr. Alex Kurkin loves you transitioners so much that he can´t miss any edition of our lovely party, doing the impossible by saving the dates in his busy calendar, and coming on board one year more. Parasense is a must in Transition Festival and one of the main projects that laid the foundation of Psychedelic Trance. Please welcome one of the masters and commanders of the night!!!


 Founder of Looney Moon Records and a must in all big festivals, he is one of the chosen ones to bring live action to the dancefloor. Experienced and talented dj, he has played through many countries around the world, and once more, he will drive the Transition spaceship to dawn and beyond.


Rastaliens is a team formed by Ralph K. Freund and Juergen Kassel. For this edition in 2019 we will have again just one of the two artists playing a DJ SET with the music they have released in the last 15 years. They started in a smal cellar with a little soundsystem. A lot of work and enthusiasm caused a booking from some friends in Switzerland as a Live Act. Now, after more than 20 years, they keep making music together, keeping it psychedelic. We hope to enjoy them together as a Live Act one year in Transition Festival... 


We are really happy to announce one of the highlights of Transition Festival 2019, the master mind and owner of one of the most important dark progressive labels of the world; Zenon Records. Tim Larner is from Australia, his music is special and has opened the minds of many listeners. He is known for his 3 hour dj sets with an impressive set up of effects and controllers. He is guaranteed to deliver the absolute cutting edge of Zenon sound.


JAY is a electronic producer from the SOUTH-WILD Black-Forest in Germany. He has played around clubs and festivals around the world with a funny playful style. Be ready for one of the masters of the dancefloor !!!

Soon more confirmations...