14-21 MAY 2019


Doñana, Spain


It feels like it was just yesterday when this picture was taken – a small group of trance lovers and dancers coming together to celebrate life in the magnificent pine forests of Doñana, simple decor, a modest sound system. Let us take you back to the very beginning, 4 March 2007.
Our little crew has been organising parties on the beaches of Matalascañas and the mystical pine forests of the region for close to five years now. Today, we were celebrating our anniversary together. As the blue light of the full moon filtered through the pine branches of the pine trees and onto our faces, there was a feeling in the air that we wanted to do something more meaningful, more powerful, and more permanent.


It was at that moment, when the eclipse started, the night engulfing the perfectly round celestial body in a calming darkness. And somehow, we received a common vision to organise a festival in Almonte, a gathering of wondrous souls to come together for in trance, for transformation, and a deep transition.
The date was set for the next year. And we went forth bravely. Today, more than ten years on, we’re deeply grateful that our vision is now also your yearly experience. Welcome home psychonauts, welcome to your Transition.